The Scuba4Good Partner Program

Proceeds from Scuba4Good fund raising events are used to promote safe adaptive diving in South Florida and our partners are an integral part of our mission.  The program consists of 3 initiatives that are open to all organizations that support adaptive diving, including dive shops, charter operators and non-profits. Approved partners are eligible to participate in all 3 initiatives. Register Now

  • Discover Scuba Events at Coral Ridge Yacht Club – Gold Coast Scuba and the Coral Ridge Yacht Club Sailing and Watersports Foundation host a monthly Discover Scuba Event (DSE) where adaptive scuba is introduced to both participants, volunteers, adaptive divers and adaptive buddies.  The events are free and open to anyone with an interest in adaptive diving.  Adaptive divers and adaptive buddies must register in advance for DSEs. For more information visit our Events page.
  • Adaptive Diving Scholarships – Scholarships to train adaptive divers and adaptive buddies are available to all organizations that support adaptive diving.  Approved partner organizations are eligible for Scholarships of up to $800 for adaptive divers and up to $200 for adaptive buddies. To apply for a scholarship please register as a Scuba4Good Partner below.
  • Subsidized Diving – A typical adaptive dive team usually consists of an adaptive diver and 2 adaptive buddies.  Approved partner organizations may apply to be reimbursed for up to 50% of the scuba charter costs per adaptive dive team. To apply for subsidized diving please register as a Scuba4Good Partner below.

Our Partners


Diveheart is a nonprofit tax-exempt 501C(3) volunteer driven organization who’s mission is to build confidence, independence and self esteem in children, veterans and others with disabilities using zero gravity, adaptive scuba and scuba therapy. Diveheart has discovered that the forgiving, weightless wonder of the water column provides the perfect gravity-free environment for those who might otherwise struggle on land.

Therapeutic Scuba InstituteTherapeutic Scuba Institute (TSI)

The Therapeutic Scuba Institute (TSI) is on a mission to bring the adaptive scuba community together through training, education, scuba experiences, therapy and research. We support all adaptive scuba organizations and hope to serve as a resource platform providing meaningful information to this community.

SUDSService Members Undertaking Disabled Sports (SUDS)

SUDS is a multi-sport organization working with Disabled Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our non-profit was started in 2007 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC. We use adaptive/adventure sports to keep the Veterans in our program active, engaged and to help with their rehabilitation. Some of the sports we offer are: scuba, mountain biking, rock climbing, canyoneering, backpacking, whitewater rafting, snow skiing, etc.

Life WatersLife Waters

LifeWaters is a nonprofit based in St Louis, MO. Currently we have 27 shops and/or approximately 60 SDI Open Water and SDI Scubility instructors scattered across the US. LifeWaters specializes in SCUBA diving training for disabled individuals (veterans, civilians, first responders). Any individual with a VA disability or civilian diagnosed with: Spinal Cord Injuries, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Amputees, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, and Multiple Traumas and other disabilities may be involved in our scuba training program.

Dive PiratesDive Pirates

We recruit injured veterans, law enforcement and emergency first responders as well as others who have lost mobility due to injury or disease. We teach them and a dive buddy to scuba dive, outfit them both with scuba equipment, and then take them on a dive trip to calm, warm-water locations. Most importantly we encourage our pirates to keep diving and enjoy this life-changing mobile sport with family and friends for a lifetime.

Thresher AquaticsThresher Aquatics

Thresher Aquatics is a 501C (3) nonprofit that specializes in helping individuals living with disabilities through scuba diving. Thresher Aquatics is working to make SCUBA diving more accessible by ensuring that buddies receive quality training at no cost to them; we also work to make diving financially accessible to all who want to participate with us. Diving with Thresher comes at no cost to our adaptive divers or buddies.

Dive 4 VetsDive 4 Vets & Aquatic Ventures

Dive4Vets is designed to introduce mentally and physically disabled verterans to scuba diving for its psychological and medically therapeutic benefits.  Dive4Vets see’s a world where all combat affected veterans have access to therapeutic scuba diving, and inclusive activities for adaptive diving to assist in the elimination of mental and physical barriers caused by combat service.


Aquanauts Adaptive AquaticsAquanauts

We conduct SCUBA activities and training for veterans and individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to provide the adaptive sport of SCUBA Diving for the benefit of military veterans, people living with disabilities, and other special needs groups for the purposes of social interaction, life enrichment, and wellness. 

Barrier Free DiversBarrier Free Divers

Our saying is “The only barriers in scuba should be the barrier reefs”. Our mission is to increase opportunities for people with disabilities to enjoy the psychological and physical benefits of the ocean. Our signature program, Camp Open SEAS, is our camp program for children with disabilities ages 10 and up to learn marine science, coral restoration and scuba diving.

Adaptable ScubaAdapt-able Scuba

Adapt-able Scuba is a non-profit based in north Texas – bringing the adaptive and able-bodied communities together to experience the magic and therapeutic benefits of the underwater world. We host Try Scuba events and trips for adaptive divers.

Gold Coast ScubaGold Coast Scuba

Gold Coast Scuba is a PADI 5 Star Rated dive shop in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida. Most of the Gold Coast instructors are Diveheart certified buddies and they are instrumental in the success of the Scuba4Good DSE program at the Coral Ridge Yacht Club.

Jupiter Dive Center

Jupiter Dive Center has 6 Scuba instructors on staff to the teach SDI Scubility course. We have a disability accessible facility, and ramps for boarding our boats. Our boat crew have the ability to assist adaptive divers with getting on and off the boat at sea. We have certified about 70 adaptive divers and 20 adaptive dive buddies.

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